Washable Paper Basket

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An amazing paper bag that is both water and tear resistant. Can be used to house your favourite plant, or for stylish storage. If using as a plant pot you will need to put a saucer or something similar under the plant to catch any water, as the pots are not watertight. Made from a super strong paper like material that is made from cellulose from wood. At the end of it's life the material will completely biodegrade. 

If the pots get grubby you can just pop them in the washing machine! The more the pots are handled and washed, the softer they will become. When not in use the pot folds for easy storage, it's a great gift for a new home.  

Wash at 30º.

Handmade in the EU from cellulose fibre.

Height 15cm / Base: 8 x 8cm 

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