Sleep Mask Organic Cotton

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This soft and comfortable organic cotton sleep mask is totally natural so really gentle on the face, allowing skin to breathe to help with a good night's sleep.  Generously sized to completely block out light it has an elasticated head band to keep it in place all night.

Made in the UK with four layers of natural fabric and dyed with natural ingredients, we have three subtle colours to choose from - Raspberry, Calendula and Charcoal. 

Raspberry - dyed a delicate pink with forest berries. 

Calendula - dyed a warm, golden yellow with calendula and coreopsis flowers.

Charcoal - dyed a gentle grey colour with activated charcoal. 

Size approximately 7.5 x 12.5 cm.

The masks are dyed naturally by hand and the colour and tone may differ slightly to the masks shown in these photos. 

Price is for one sleep mask. 

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