Stainless Steel Lunchbox

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Versatile and lightweight this stainless steel food box is great for sandwiches and snacks or for picking up takeaway food and for storing leftovers. It can be used to freeze meals then placed in the oven to reheat.

It has roll clips at the side to keep the lid on tight and food fresh but it is 100% plastic free so it doesn't have a seal and isn't leakproof. It's perfect for sandwiches and other similar snacks if it's going to be popped in a bag.

Size: 17.5cm long x 12.5cm wide x 4.5cm deep.
Weight: 350g.
Capacity: 800ml.

Made from stainless steel it won't stain or retain odours.

Freezer safe.

Oven-safe up to 240 degrees celsius.

100% plastic free - no nasty chemicals or toxins.

Responsibly made in India in a small family run factory.

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