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A carefully curated selection of interesting fruit, vegetable, flower and herb varieties, perfect for the contemporary gardener. Packaged in beautifully designed, sustainable and recyclable packets with full growing instructions and information about the plants. The varieties are all GMO free and do very well in pots and small spaces, so are perfect for balconies and urban gardens. They do equally well in larger gardens too!

The perfect gift for the green fingered, whether they they are a new gardener or an expert. 

Choose from:

Erfurter Orangefarbige Calendula • an edible plant with peppery leaves and mild tasting pretty bright orange flowers that can be used in sweet or savoury dishes. Sow indoors Feb - Mar, outdoors Apr - Jun.

Blue Pepe Nasturtium • an edible plant with beautiful steel blue, peppery tasting leaves and bright red spicy flowers. The leaves make a wonderful pesto and the flowers are great in salads. Sow indoors Feb - Mar, outdoors Apr - Jun.

Cape Gooseberry Golden Berry • a tomato like berry, deliciously sweet. It grows inside a paper like lantern making it extra special. Sow indoors Feb - Mar, outdoors Apr - May.

Brighton Rock Snapdragon • an heirloom flower, with pretty pastel blooms. So called because the flower looks like a dragon! Sow indoors Feb - March, outdoors Apr - Jun.

Quedlinburger Niederliegende Lemon Balm • an easy to grow perennial, beautifully scented with lemon, it has many culinary, cosmetic and medicinal values. Makes a delicious herbal tea when dried. Sow outdoors Feb - July.

Catnip Nepeta • Originally used in France to make tea, now more commonly known as the plant that will send cats crazy! Did you know the young shoots are edible and can be added to salads? Sow outdoors Feb - March.

Thai Basil • a spicy, liquorish flavoured basil with striking purple stems and veined leaves. Best eaten raw, it’s delicious in variety of dishes, especially soups like the Vietnamese dish Pho. Sow indoors Feb - March, outdoors Apr - June. 

Summer Savoury • a Mediterranean seasoning herb, similar to Majorman or Thyme, it was used by the Romans as an alternative to salt! Used widely in French cookery. An interesting, slightly spicy, fragrant herb. Sow outdoors Apr - Jun







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