Flowers for Pollinators Seed Collection

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A gorgeous mix of pretty summer flowers that are easy to grow in urban gardens, perfect for container gardening and small spaces. Create a splash of colour in your outdoor space and provide food for bees and other pollinating insects with this set of three seed packets. Presented in beautifully designed plastic free packaging that includes sowing and care instructions. A lovely gift for yourself, or an ideal new home gift and easy to send through the post. 

The Pollinators set includes 3 packets of seeds, 1 each of 

Brighton Rock Snapdragon 1500 seeds.
Starfire Mix Marigold 300 seeds.
Munstead Blue Lavender 200 seeds.

Snapdragon Brighton Rock is a pretty heirloom variety with lots of two-tone pastel coloured blooms that look lovely in the garden and can be picked to bring indoors, lasting 7-10 days in a vase. The dragon-like shape of the flowers makes them perfect for bumblebees. A perennial plant grown as an annual.  
1500 seeds.
Plant size H45cm x W45cm.
Can be grown in containers sized H20cm x W20cm.
Sow outdoors April - June.

Starfire Mix Marigold are small, annual plants with masses of joyful golden flowers and delicate lacy foliage. Native to Mexico and Central America, they are hardy and easy to grow, their petals and leaves can be used in cooking. Starfire Mix Marigold is much loved by bees and other beneficial insects like ladybirds. 
300 seeds.
Plant Size H30cm x W30cm.
Can be grown in a container sized H20cm x W20cm. 
Sow outdoors April - June.

Lavender Munstead Blue is a compact plant with early blooming, bluish-purple flowers and fragrant, grey-green leaves. Introduced in 1916 by garden designer Gertrude Jekyll, and named after her house Munstead Wood in Surrey, England. A lovely, aromatic addition to a garden or balcony, Lavender Munstead Blue grows well in containers and is very popular with the bees!  An easy-to-grow perennial plant.
200 seeds.
Plant size H45cm x W60cm.
Can be grown in a container sized H30cm x W30cm. 
Sow indoors March - April or outdoors April - June. 



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