This handmade stoneware mug has been made with skill and care by Virginia in London, and the quality is exceptional. It fits perfectly in your hand and is wonderfully comfortable to hold. The mint green glaze is completly unique, with a slightly matt mottled finish. Ridges are visible on the inside of the mug, showing where it was thrown on the potter's wheel, making the inside just as beautiful as the outside. 

Handmade Wheel Thrown Mint Green Stoneware Mug

  • Made from: hard wearing stoneware clay with a lead free, food safe glaze. The glaze has a slightly matt, mottled finish. Virginia mixes all her own glazes, making this mug completly unique.


    Measurements: 11cm diameter, 14cm total width with handle. 7.5cm high. 400ml approximate capacity.


    Care: Handwash only, do not wash in the dishwasher.


    Handmade in London.


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