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We believe that Conscious Consumerism is the way forward when it comes to shopping and we are doing everything we can to ensure our stock is ethically sourced and made with responsibility towards the environment. 

We hand pick everything in our shop and source directly from over 100 independent suppliers. This makes for a lot of admin, but it also means we know exactly what we're buying and who from. We stock beautifully designed and useful items that are made to last, using good quality, eco friendly materials. We ask questions about where products are made, the manufacturing process and the materials used, we want to make sure that people and the environment are treated well throughout production.

We love finding plastic free, eco friendly alternatives for the kitchen and bathroom, our range is growing, and we love, even more, products made from recycled materials!

Like a lot of you, one of our major bugbears is UNNECESSARY plastic! We have regular plastic audits of Venner, stocking as little virgin plastic as possible, and have worked with suppliers to swap plastic for biodegradable alternatives where possible.  When you buy something from us the packaging we use is plastic free, recycled or easily recyclable. We reuse as much of the packaging from our supplier deliveries as possible (including making floral decorations for our window displays from paper packing!).

We have reduced the number of bath & body products we stock that have un-recyclable black plastic lids or pumps and we don't take on new suppliers that use black plastic lids when there are alternatives available. We offer refills of products where possible so that customers can reuse plastic lids or pumps and we have a recycling drop off point in the shop for black plastic lids from skincare products.

The issues and solutions around sustainability are evolving and we're always learning. We are by no means perfect but we are doing our best, asking questions and trying to change things where we can. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us!