Incense Cones

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Aromatherapy incense cones formulated with beautiful blends of essential oils to naturally fragrance the home.

Handmade in the UK from natural, pure essential oils and FSC certified wood.

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Aestas combines the vanilla-like aroma of benjamin tree resin with richly infused florals to evoke the magic of midsummer in bloom. 

Ver combines green sage leaf and wild lavender with the light citrus scent of bergamot and blossoming trees to perfectly capture the gentle awakening of spring.

15 Incense Cones / 15-20 minutes burn time per cone. 

Made in Sheffield.

Directions: Light the tip of the incense cone and let the flame burn for a few seconds. Blow out the flame until the tip of the cone is glowing and the aromatic smoke is released into the air. After burning the scent should last around 1-2 hours in a medium sized room.


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