French Knitting Mushroom Kit

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A lovely introduction to knitting, fun and easy to learn. Known as French or spool knitting, stitches are created by wrapping yarn around the metal loops at the top of the mushroom then lifting them over with the wooden needle supplied, to make a knitted tube. This tube can be used to make scarves for toys or stitched together to make larger items.  In the olden days spool knitting was used to make horse reins! 

This kit contains full instructions, a knitting mushroom size 9.5cm long, 2cm wide, three x 5 metre balls of yarn (red, pink and white) and a wooden needle 10cm long.  

For ages 3+. 

Grown up supervision required. 

Ethically and responsibly made in China in accordance with the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code.


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