Edible Flowers Seed Collection

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A collection of 3 seed packets for growing your own edible flowers, these varieties have been chosen for their smaller plant size making them perfectly suited to pots and small urban gardens. The seeds are harvested in Europe and beautifully wrapped in sustainable and recyclable packaging.

This lovely collection consists of:

Nasturtium Blue Pepe 
Gorgeous, vivid red flowers with greeny-blue leaves, both are edible and have a peppery flavour. Perfect for show stopping salads or for making pesto, the seeds can also be pickled and used like capers. 1 pack of 10 seeds.

Borage Blue and White Mix 
Also called Starflower, Borage can be used fresh or dried.  The fresh leaves are great in salads or as a garnish, tasting a bit like cucumber. The flowers, with their delicate honey-like flavour, look lovely decorating desserts or cocktails and can be frozen in to ice cubes. 1 pack of 50 seeds. 

Commonly known as Pot Marigold, because of its use in cooking pots, the gloriously sunny orange flowers suit both sweet and savoury dishes, they have a peppery and slightly sweet flavour. 1 pack of 45 seeds. 

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