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Sustainable Household Swaps We Use Everyday

As well as stocking the shop with the best sustainable bits and pieces, we also practise what we preach!

In this post we're featuring our favourite sustainable products that we use ourselves pretty much every day. They're made from responsibly sourced materials by people who are treated and paid fairly.

Using them has helped us to cut down on waste and reduce our need for plastic. On top of that, each one has minimal, recyclable and plastic free packaging.

If you've not already made these swaps we hope you'll feel inspired to try them!

 Plastic free cellulose kitchen sponge, a sustainable alternative to yellow plastic sponges

Kitchen Sponge £2

Made from plant cellulose this kitchen sponge is great for washing up and wiping down surfaces. It's an effective alternative to those yellow, plastic sponges that shed microplastics and because it's plant based, this eco-friendly sponge is fully biodegradable. We cut ours in half to make them last even longer!


 Sustainable Plastic Free Scouring Pads made from Coconut Fibres

Coconut Scouring Pads £4.50 for a pack of 5

A useful partner to the cellulose sponge, these sustainably sourced coconut fibre scourers are made from waste coir with natural latex so they're totally plastic free and biodegradable. Perfect for using on all kinds of pots and pans.


 Eco Friendly Natural Vegan deodorant in plastic free packaging

Cacao Pow Natural Deodorant £10 for 50g

This little pot of natural deodorant really is the bees knees!  Made in the UK from just three ingredients it's vegan and great for sensitive skin, it works brilliantly and its packaging is totally plastic free. It's easy to apply, the solid deodorant bar doesn't melt when you hold it, even in hot weather, and we've found it can last for up to 7 months! 


Sustainable, leak proof reusable cup made in the UK from recycled single use cups 

Reusable Cup 227ml £12

Ingeniously designed, leak-proof reusable cup made in the UK from recycled, single use paper cups. Once the lid is screwed on, it can be pressed to open and drink from anywhere around the rim, making it really easy to use with one hand.  Pressing the lid again creates a leak-proof seal so that the reusable cup can be popped in a bag.  Made to last for 10 years, it's recyclable and insulated.  These brilliant reusable cups are also available in a larger 340ml size. Perfect for using with...


 Zero Waste Sustainable Stainless Steel Coffee Filter

Stainless Steel Coffee Filter £15

Very simple, durable coffee filter with its own stand that sits on a cup, flask or jug so that you can make just the amount of coffee you need. Made to last for years and years, this coffee filter is totally plastic free and zero waste as it doesn't need filter papers. For a delicious, sustainable cup of coffee we love Leyton based Good Folk Coffee


 Long lasting plastic free food storage box made by Elephant Box from Stainless Steel

Steel Food Storage Box £23

A long time Venner favourite, this steel food storage box is great for packed lunches and leftovers. It's freezer, oven and dishwasher proof, making it really easy to care for and perfect for storing homemade ready meals. Also made to last for years, it's totally plastic free so it doesn't stain or absorb food odours. 


Organic Cotton Bread Bag from Venner Leyton

Organic Cotton Bread Bag £3.50

We love buying our loaves of sourdough from our lovely neighbourhood deli Yardarm on Francis Road, and these organic cotton bread bags are perfect for popping them in to keep fresh. These multipurpose bags can also be used for storage, or as a reusable produce bag to take to the shops. Great for keeping bread in the freezer too!

Thanks for reading! We hope you've enjoyed reading about the sustainable swaps that we've made in our homes.

Love, Tiff & Lucie xx