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Beautiful and Recycled!

We're always on the lookout for products made from recycled materials and we love finding something that not only looks great, it's good for the planet too. We absolutely love the idea of trash being turned into things to be used and loved for years!

Here's a roundup of our favourites, we think they would all make lovely, sustainable gifts.

Kind Bag Waterproof Reusable Recycled Plastic Shopping Bag in Black & White Gingham Design

Reusable Shopping Bag
A sturdy and spacious reusable bag that fits comfortably over the shoulder, it's 100% recycled and made from 6 plastic bottles which makes it waterproof and very useful when it's raining! The bags are available in several pretty designs, they could be used as gift wrap and be part of the present at the same time! 


 Contents of vegan and eco-friendly kit for making a fat base bird food cake, vegan fat pellets, seeds, a blue cup made from recycled yoghurt pots, brown twine and instructions all next to the cardboard packaging box.

Vegan Bird Cake Kit
Everything needed to treat our feathered friends to a tasty bird-food cake, great in the winter when food is scarce for them. This lovely eco-friendly kit is complete with instructions and vegan ingredients, the cup for holding the cake is made from 10 recycled yoghurt pots.


Circular &  Co reusable leakproof cup in black with a yellow and black lid.  

Recycled Reusable Cup
We don't often leave home without our reusable cup! Because they're leakproof it's safe to pop them in your bag, even with a drink inside them. They're insulated too, keeping drinks warm for 60-90 minutes. Made from disposable paper coffee cups they've been created to last for 10 years. The lid design is ingenious, it's really easy to open and close with one hand and you can drink from anywhere around the rim, perfect if you're carrying some shopping in the other hand 😉


 Vegan face scrub made from recycled coffee grounds in a peach coloured aluminium tube with a black plastic lid next to its peach coloured cardboard box

UpCircle Coffee Face Scrub

A totally dreamy, vegan face scrub that also works well as a body scrub.  Recycled coffee grounds (collected from London cafes) are blended with shea butter and essential oils to create a gentle exfoliator that leaves skin glowing and moisturised.


2 Greta the Great turtle bath toys made from recycled ocean plastic one peach and one green

Greta The Great Recycled Plastic Toy
A very sweet turtle toy in a modern, minimal design, perfectly proportioned for little hands to grab and hold. Made from a minimum of 97% recycled ocean plastic it's totally waterproof and a wonderful bath, sandpit or beach toy.


Several grey and white marble patterned soap dishes made from non-recyclable plastic. One dish is holding a bar of orangey-red coloured natural soap.

Recycled Plastic Soap Dish
As we all know too well plastic is a massive problem, so seeing plastic waste being used in innovative ways is fantastic. These soap dishes are made from recycled plastic bags, each one has a beautiful marbled pattern. So clever! The perfect partner for an All Natural solid soap bar


Soft and cosy mustard coloured socks made from 78% recycled wool 

Recycled Wool socks
Knitted from 78% recycled wool these cosy socks not only look lovely, they are really soft and comfortable too!


Atlas Works handblown recycled glass vase holding water and a Japanese Anenome stem with flowers

Recycled Glass Vase
Elegant & simple vase handmade in Morocco from recycled glass by skilled craftspeople using traditional glass blowing techniques. Because of the handmade nature and recycled materials each stylish vase has its own unique finish.


5 Beth Pegler statement necklaces made from knotted recycled cotton in pink, teal, grey, black and mustard colours.

Recycled Cotton Rope Necklace
A long time favourite at Venner, these gorgeous necklaces are individually handmade from recycled cotton. Available in 5 beautiful colours they look great with a variety of different outfits.


Eco-friendly compact umbrellas made from recycled plastic and finished with a sustainably sourced beech duck head handle. Available in three designs, bright yellow with white brushstrokes, monochrome speckled pattern, blue and white polka dots and stripes.

Eco-friendly Duckhead Umbrella
We love these joyful umbrellas and love even more that their fabric is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles! With a sturdy steel and aluminium frame each compact brolly is finished with a cheerful duck head handle made from sustainably sourced beech.

Thank you for reading, we hope we've helped you to find some lovely eco-friendly gift ideas. 


Tiff & Lucie xx